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Today – on the subject of boiler stacks and ventilation – in seems that inefficiencies, danger, and damage are always words that take up too much time during the conversation. Why is this? Are there ways to mitigate this?

Cleaver-Brooks’ monthly newsletters are useful resources for critical refreshers on a myriad of topics. The March 2017 edition is designed to shed light on the question of proper ventilation by addressing the following:

  • Boiler categorization to determine which venting regulations will be followed
  • Insulation and how it prevents excessive condensation in the stacks and potential injury
  • Thermal expansion and planning ahead to avoid stress on building and support structures
  • Stack sizing to ensure a sufficient draft in the system
  • Proper drainage to prevent a build-up of corrosive compounds and excessive condensation
  • Construction material – choosing stainless steel over PVC, ABS, CPVC designed for low temperatures
  • Multi-boiler systems and use of proper dampers to ensure draft isolation for offline boilers
  • UL certification indicative of safety and compliance

For the complete story, click the link below.


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