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Leading the way with a full range of hydronic boilers for the commercial and institutional market, including both condensing and non-condensing designs. Our ultra-high efficiency condensing boilers provide significant energy savings in a variety of applications.

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    ClearFire Series

    Reduce energy consumption up to 50% compared to traditional non-condensing boilers. ClearFire models are up to 99% efficient and are the product of leading research and innovation.

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  • Firetube

    Cleaver Brooks proudly produces the most efficient firetube boilers ever built. With fully integrated system options and gas/light oil flexibility, seamless functionality results in emission numbers as low as 5ppm NOx and 1 ppm CO.

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  • Watertube

    Non-welded tube attachments, minimized thermal stress and an in-package CB ProFire burner make the FLX model integrated, compact and reliable. Turndown ratio of 10:1 on natural gas.

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  • Woodmaster

    Woodmaster biomass boilers feature not only automatic fuel feeding, but possess commercial power ranges of up to 6.8 million BTU/h while maintaining up to 92% efficiency. Durable, convenient and clean.

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  • Compte-R

    Applicable to both residential and industrial/district environments that possess various important energy requirements. Power ranges up to 10,000 kW. Ideal for users seeking environmental soundness and financial savings.

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  • Model 5

    Reduce floor space up to 50% with this super-compact model designed to fit through doorways. Hot water output from 35-191 horsepower.

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  • Electric

    Zero local emissions. 99.9% efficiency. Combine this with reduced complexity and increased automation and the sensibility is clear. Clean, quiet and compact, CB electric models make for easy installation and safer operation.

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